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Northwestern University

CIERA Astronomer Evenings take place the last Friday
of every month at the Dearborn Observatory.

Meet and chat with astronomers from Northwestern's Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics!

Each month, different experts will be available to answer your astronomy and astrophysics questions. These evenings begin with a 10-minute introduction to a topic in astronomy, followed by an open Q&A session and fun, interactive demonstrations.

These evenings are free and open to all!

This is a special program provided on the final Friday of each month, as part of the weekly Dearborn Observatory public viewing sessions.

Hours adjust seasonally, so please call 847-491-7650 or visit the website:
for more information.

Katie Breivik (Graduate Student)
Eve Chase (Graduate Student)
Deanne Coppejans (Postdoctoral Associate)
Rocco Coppejans (Postdoctoral Associate)
Cody Dirks (Graduate Student)
Aaron Geller (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Alex Gurvich (Graduate Student)
Zach Hafen (Graduate Student)
Aprajita Hajela (Graduate Student)
Vicky Kalogera (Director, CIERA)
Michael Katz (Graduate Student)
Kyle Kremer (Graduate Student)
Shane Larson (Research Associate Professor)
Raffaella Margutti (Assistant Professor)
Paul Williams (Graduate Student)
Mike Zevin (Graduate Student)