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CIERA Special Seminars 2016-2017

*Tech = Technological Institute (2145 Sheridan Road)
**Db = Dearborn Observatory (2131 Tech Drive)

Fall Quarter 2016

  Date/Time      Visitor Host
  Oct. 31
   Tech F160

Elad Steinberg
    Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    New Insights on the G2 Gas Cloud and the Connection Between Asteroids and
    Terrestrial Planet Formation

Recent observations have shown that a gas cloud, called G2, is in the midst of being tidally disrupted in our galactic center. I will present novel simulations of the G2 gas cloud and discuss it's agreements and disagreements with observations. The Kepler mission has shown that terrestrial planets are extremely common in our galaxy. However, there is still ongoing debate regarding their last stage of formation. I will try and shed some light on this issue utilizing observations from asteroids in our solar system and relating their spin magnitude to terrestrial planet formation theories.

Yoram Lithwick
  Nov. 17


Siyao Xu
    Peking University, Bejing

Giles Novak,
Farhad Yusef-Zadeh

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