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CIERA Special Seminars 2012-2013

*Tech = Technological Institute (2145 Sheridan Road)
**Db = Dearborn Observatory (2131 Tech Drive)

Summer Quarter 2013

  Date/Time      Visitor Host
  Aug. 30

Jörg Weingrill
    Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam
    IC4756: Cluster Membership and Stellar Rotation Periods

Open clusters are an ideal testbed for the calibration of stellar ages using gyrochronology. We used CoRoT to observe the open cluster IC4756. With its unprecedented photometric precision stellar activity amplitudes down to 0.03 magnitudes are observable. CoRoT observed the cluster for almost 73 days in LRc06, some targets were covered by the observing run LRc05. Over 200 target-stars show signatures of periodic variations caused by stellar rotation. By combining radial-velocity-membership information with photometric measurements we will be able to compare age-determinations stated by different theories. First results of stellar ages as well as the underlying data reduction will be presented in this talk.

Aaron Geller

Spring Quarter 2013

  Date/Location    Speaker / Seminar
  April 8
  Tech LR5
Andrew Brown
    University of Southampton
    Computing beyond a million processors: Biologically-inspired massively-parallel architectures
  April 30
  Db 23
  Leo Singer
    California Institute of Technology
    The Road to Multimessenger Astronomy with Advanced LIGO
  May 16
  Db 23
Neil Cornish
    Montana State University
    Pulsar Timing Observations of Black Hole Binaries
  May 23
  Db 23
Dieter Hartmann
    Clemson University
    Gamma Ray Bursts: A Brief History and Discussion of their Use as Probes

Winter Quarter 2013

  Date/Location   Speaker Seminar
  Jan. 14
  Tech F160
Kaitlin Kratter
    University of Colorado, Boulder
    Looking Ahead: Planets and their Binaries
  Jan. 18
  Tech F160
Claude-André Faucher-Giguère
    University of California, Berkeley
    The Physics of Galaxy Formation: Gas, Stars, & Black Holes
  Jan. 22
  Tech F160
Aristotle Socrates
    Tides and Hot Jupiters
  Jan. 23
  Db 23

John E. Vaillancourt
    USRA and NASA Ames Research Center
    Dust and Polarization in the Interstellar Medium

  Jan. 28
  Tech F160
Shane Davis
    University of Toronto
    The Thermal Stability of Radiation Dominated Accretion Flows
  Feb. 1
  Tech F160
Bence Kocsis
    Harvard University
    Zooming in on Galactic Nuclei at the Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
  Feb. 4
  Tech F160
Leslie Rogers
    Formation, Interior Structure and Habitable Zone of Super-Earth and Sub-Neptune Exoplanets
  Feb. 7
  Tech F160
Aaron Boley
    University of Florida
    Exploring the Solar System's Violent Past: Combining Through Astrophysics and Meteoritics
  March 13
  Tech F160
Andrew Youdin
    JILA, University of Colorado
    The Origin of Planetesimals

Fall Quarter 2012

  Date/Location   Speaker Seminar
  Sept. 14
  Db 23
  Richard de Grijs
    Peking University
    Star Cluster Formation and Early Evolution: the Big Picture
  Nov. 12
  Db 14
Belinda Wilkes
    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    Probing star formation and nuclear structure in high-z, 3CRR Radio Sources
  Nov. 26
  Db 14
John W. Hewitt
    UMBC/NASA Goddard
    Probing Galactic cosmic-ray accelerators in gamma-rays with Fermi-LAT

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