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Dave Meyer

Image Source: Hubble Space Telescope

Structure in The Diffuse Interstellar Medium: High Resolution Spectroscopy with Ground- and Space-Based Observatories

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Summary of Research
Using the Hubble Space Telescope and the facilities of Kitt Peak National Observatory, Dr. Meyer specializes in the measurement of weak interstellar and extragalactic absorption lines in the optical and ultraviolet spectra of stars and quasars. Such measurements provide important information about the composition, chemistry, structure, and physical conditions of intervening gas clouds in the Milky Way and other galaxies. 


Interstellar Absorption Lines

In a star field, the eye is often drawn to the superstars of the night sky: stars, planets, maybe galaxies. But what about the space between the stars? That seemingly empty space turns out to be just as busy -- and just as interesting -- as the bright stars that surround it.

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