Astrophysics Seminars for Fall 2006

Past Astrophysics Seminars

Seminars are at 4:00 PM on Tuesdays. Seminars will be held in the conference room
on the second floor of Dearborn Observatory, unless otherwise noted

Sept. 21
Prof. Mike Eracleous PSU Double Peaked Emission Lines and What They Tell Us About the Accretion Disks of Active Galaxies Vicky Kalogera
Sept. 26 Prof. Stephan Meyer University of Chicago Three years of WMAP Mel Ulmer
Oct. 3 Prof. Stanislav Boldyrev University of Wisconsin-Madison Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence: theory, modelling, observations Farhad Yusef-Zadeh
Oct. 10 Prof. Tiziana di Matteo Carnegie Mellon University The formation and evolution of a cosmological population of black holes and galaxies Vicky Kalogera
Oct. 17 Dr. Marta Volonteri University of Cambridge, UK Building up massive black holes Fred Rasio
Oct. 24 Prof. Stan Peale UCSB Mercury’s Rotation and Interior Fred Rasio
Oct. 31 Prof. Snezana Stanimirovic University of Wisconsin-Madison Recent Results From GALFA: 'GoldenEye' On Disk/halo Interfaces David Meyer
Nov. 14 Dr. Jennifer Hoffman University of California, Berkeley Polarized Line Profiles as Diagnostics of Circumstellar Geometry in Type IIn Supernovae Vicky Kalogera
Nov. 21 Dr. Alberto Vecchio University of Birmingham, UK Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Cosmology with LISA Vicky Kalogera
Nov. 28
Dr. Hiroshi Matsuo National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Latest results from ASTE and AKARI: The 10-m Submillimeter-wave Telescope and the Japanese Infrared Satellite Giles Novak