Astrophysics Seminars for Fall 2001

Past Astrophysics Seminars

All seminars are at 4:00 PM on Thursdays, in the seminar room on the second floor of Dearborn Observatory (MAP)

September 27 David Bennett Notre Dame A Galactic Census of Dark Bodies in the Milky Way:from Black Holes to Extra-solar Planets via Gravitational Microlensing Ron Taam
October 11 Fred Baganoff MIT Unveiling the Galactic Center with the Chandra X-ray Observatory Farhad Zadeh
October 18 Jamie Lombardi Vassar Make Me A Star: Stellar Collisions and Blue Stragglers Fred Rasio
November 1 Eugene Chiang Berkeley Dynamics of Eccentric Planetary Rings and Extrasolar Planets Vicky Kalogera
November 8 Brad Peterson Ohio State University The Inner Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei: Critical Tests of the Black-Hole Model Mel Ulmer
November 28 Ned Wright UCLA The Cosmic Infrared Background David Meyer
December 6 Adrienne Cool Ohio State University Binary Stars in Globular Clusters: Results from Hubble and Chandra Vicky Kalogera
December 13 Bill Watson UIUC Extragalactic Masers Farhad Zadeh

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