Astrophysics Seminars for Fall 2005

Past Astrophysics Seminars

Seminars are at 4:00 PM on Tuesdays. Seminars will be held in the conference room
on the second floor of Dearborn Observatory, unless otherwise noted

Sept. 22
2 p.m.
Greg Sloan Cornell Infrared Spectroscopy of Mass Ejected from Evolved Stars in the Magellanic Clouds Giles Novak
Sept. 27 Michael Jura UCLA Comets and Asteroids Around Other Stars Dave Meyer
Oct. 4 Martin Houde U of Western Ontario The Measurement of the Orientation of the Magnetic Field in Molecular  Clouds Giles Novak
Oct. 11 Phil Kaaret U of Iowa Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources Ron Taam
Oct. 18 Clem Pryke U of Chicago What we are Learning from the CMB Mel Ulmer
Nov. 1 Mordecai MacLow American Museum of Natural History Control of Star Formation by Supersonic Turbulence and Gravitational Instability Farhad Zadeh
Nov. 8 Knox Long Space Telescope Science Institute Cataclysmic Variables :  Things that go bump in the night Ron Taam
Nov. 15 Carl Heiles U of California, Berkeley Physical Conditions and Morphologies in the Diffuse ISM Giles Novak
Nov. 22 Vicki Kaspi McGill Diversity in Young Neutron Stars:  The High-Magnetic-Field Puzzle
Fred Rasio
Nov. 29 Barbara Whitney Wisconsin Interpreting GLIMPSE Observations of Star Formation in the Galaxy Farhad Zadeh

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