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Visitors 2011-2012

  Dates   Visitor
  June 25
  - July 4
Sourav Chatterjee
    University of Florida
  June 21 Mark Wardle
    Macquarie University
    Dead Zones in Protoplanetary Discs
  May 21
  - May 25
Jeremy Sepinsky
    The University of Scranton
    Angular Momentum and Stability: Double White Dwarfs as Progenitors of AM CVn
  May 21
  - May 31
Kenza Arraki
    New Mexico State University
 May 14
 - May 18
Jeff Andrews
    Columbia University
    Wide Double White Dwarfs in SDSS
  April 26 Nikta Amiri
    Leiden University
    Developing Asymmetries in AGB Stars: Occurrence, Morphology, and Polarization of Circumstellar Masers
  April 23
  - April 24
Antara R. Basu-Zych
  April 23
  - April 24
Ann Hornschemeier Cardiff
  April 23
  - April 27
Sam Finn
    Penn State University
  April 23
  - April 27
Tassos Fragos
    Harvard CfA-Smithsonian/ITC
  April 23
  - April 24
Bret Lehmer
    Johns Hopkins University
  April 23
  - April 24
  Andrew Ptak
  April 23
  - April 24
Michael Tremmel
    University of Washington
  April 23
  - April 24
Panayiotis Tzanavaris
    Harvard CfA-Smithsonian/ITC
  April 23
  - April 24
Andreas Zezas
    University of Crete
  April 18
  - April 19
Tyson Littenberg
    University of Maryland-College Park
    Improving the Odds (Ratio) for Gravitational Wave Astronomy
  April 9
  - April 11
Charles Bailyn
    Yale University
  March 29 Casey Lisse
    Johns Hopkins University
    Spitzer Evidence for a Planet Driven Late Heavy Bombardment in ? CORVI at ~1 GYR
 May 14
 - May 18
Jeff Andrews
    Columbia University
    Wide Double White Dwarfs in SDSS
  March 15 Hannah Jang-Condell
    University of Wyoming
    Reversing the Inward Migration of Planets
  March 1 Craig Heinke
    University of Alberta
    Testing Suggestions of Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters
  Feb 9 Chris Wegg
    California Institute of Technology
    Tidal Disruptions and Stellar Dynamics in Binary Supermassive Black Holes
  Feb 9 Ben Lackey
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Using gravitatinal wave and astrophysical observations to constrain the equation of state of neutron star
   Jan 26
  - Jan 27
Kristen Menou
    Columbia University
    Exoplanetary Atmospheres
  Jan 26
  - Jan 27
Diana Valencia
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Characterizing Super-Earths and Mini-Neptunes
  Jan 17
  - Jan 18
Junfeng Wang
    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    A High Resolution View of the Local Universe with X-ray Imaging: From Galactic Massive Star
     Forming Regions to Nearby Active Galaxies
  Nov 29
  - Nov 30
Eva Ntormousi
    MPE / Munich University Observatory
    Cold filaments formed by colliding supershells
  Nov 21
  - Nov 22
Adrienne Cool
    San Francisco State University
    Panning for Binaries in Globular Clusters
  Nov 17
  - Nov 18
Ann-Marie Madigan
    Universiteit Leiden
    The dynamics of stars near massive black holes
  Nov 14
  - Nov 15
Rich Plotkin
    University of Amsterdam
    Black Hole Unification Across the Mass Scale
  Nov 1
  - Nov 4
Manjari Bagchi
    West Virginia University
    A study of observed luminosities of millisecond pulsars in globular clusters aiming a better understanding
     of this population
  Oct 28 Phillip Zukin
    MIT Kavli Institute
    Self-Similar Secondary Infall: A Physical Model of Galaxy Halo Formation.
  Oct 26
  - Oct 27
Snezana Prodan
    University of Toronto
    The Curious Case of 4U 1820-30: On the Resonant Trapping and Tidal Dissipation Rate of the
     White Dwarf Secondarys
  Oct 11
  - Oct 12
Mitchell C. Begelman
    University of Colorado, Boulder
    The First Supermassive Black Holes
  Oct 6 Selma De Mink
    Space Telescope Science Institute
  Oct 6   Susmita Chakravorty
    Harvard CfA
    The Physics of Warm Absorbers in AGN Through Stability Properties

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