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Annual Participation Levels

Planet Connection
  • Enjoy reserved seating at CIERA presentations and lectures for the public
  • Receive inside information and brief summaries of exciting astronomy discoveries made by CIERA researchers
  • $100 - $499

    from under $10/mo.

    Stellar Connection
  • Planet Benefits plus:
  • Learn from individual and small-group viewings of exciting astronomical objects and phenomena through Northwestern’s historic Dearborn telescope
  • $500 - 1,499

    from under $45/mo.

    Supernova Connection
  • Stellar Benefits plus:
  • Get access to CIERA scientists who will answer any of your questions about recent news in astronomy
  • Meet and interact with distinguished visiting scientists speaking at the Annual Public Lecture, and other CIERA events
  • $1,500 - $2,999

    from $125/mo.

    Galaxy Connection
  • Supernova Benefits plus:
  • Join private, behind-the-scenes tours of local science museums, telescope observatories, and national labs
  • $3,000 - $4,999

    from $250/mo.

    Universe Connection
  • Galaxy Benefits plus:
  • Enjoy dinner with the CIERA director, other faculty and postdoctoral researchers
  • Contribute ideas for our science educaton programs, with the potential of bringing a CIERA program to the school district of interest to you
  • Identify specific CIERA activities to support, including naming opportunities
  • The fair market value of the Universe Connection benefits is estimated at $65 per year (one dinner annually)
  • $5,000 +

    from under $420/mo.

    Gifts can be provided on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. All contributions are tax-deductible.

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