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CIERA Postdoctoral Fellow Daryl Haggard Featured in Physics Central Podcast

CIERA Postdoctoral Fellow Daryl Haggard was interviewed along with Andrea Ghez and Stefan Gillessen for a Physics Central podcast. The podcast, titled Hungry Hungry Black Holes, talks about the black hole at the center of our galaxy, called Sgr A*, and it’s interaction with G2. G2 is believed to be either a gas cloud or a star excreting gas; as G2 passes by Sgr A* it will become more clear what this object is. The interaction will also tell us more about how black holes feed and how they grow. Haggard talks about how scientists will be looking in particular at how long it takes G2 to fall into the black hole. Based on the viscosity of the the plasma close to the black hole this could take a few months or hundreds of years. This interaction is particularly noteworthy because it will be the first time we have actually seen a black hole interact with another object.