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Nine Students Awarded Funding from Weinberg College and Illinois Space Grant

Illinois Space Grant Consortium Logo

CIERA is pleased to host a group of talented student researchers this summer. Among these students, nine have been awarded funding from Weinberg College and NASA’s Illinois Space Grant Consortium. The students are listed below, with their projects:
Leah Perri “Characterizing Astrophysical Parameter Estimation Capabilities of LIGO”
Lauren Barmore “Visualizations of Planetary Formation and Dynamics”
Shyam Bharadwaj “Feedback from Star Clusters in Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Formation”
Emily Ellinger ”Modeling the Effects of Gaseous Disks on Planetary System Orbits “
Matthew Hroma “SHARP Instrument Upgrades, or Instrument Improvements to the SHARP Polarimeter”
Tyler Karian and Shannon Grogans are both working on “Next-Generation X-ray Optics”
David Lee “Understanding the Orbital Properties of Exoplanets”
Ben Sandeen “Gravitational Waves and Black Hole/Neutron Star Binary Systems”
Congratulations all!