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CIERA’s 2014 Summer Student Researchers

For the summer of 2014, 31 summer stundents worked closely with researchers at CIERA. Five of these students were funded through an educational grant awarded by NASA to Northwestern University through the Illinois Space Grant Consortium.
On August 13th, each ISG student gave a presentation of the projects that they worked on over the summer.

NASA Undergraduate Research Fellows

2nd Row – Shyam Bharadwaj, Tyler Karian, Shannon Grogans
1st Row – Leah Perri, Emily Ellinger
2014 Summer Students
3rd Row – Shannon Grogans, Scott Coughlin, Claudeson Azurin, Brandon Miller
2nd Row – Shyam Bharadwaj, Tyler Karian, Jeremy Vollen, Ben Lampert, Daniele Trifiro
1st Row – Amanda Newmark, Yifang Cao, Leah Perri, Ben Sandeen, Emily Ellinger