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`Kits and Cats’ Celebrates Community Connections; “Reach for the Stars” Plays Key Role

Northwestern University and Evanston Township High School (ETHS) share more than just the Evanston community; they also work together on a variety of education programs to help inspire students. A `Kits and Cats’ celebration, to be held on Northwestern’s campus on Thursday night, November 13th, will highlight and further strengthen those connections. A great example of collaboration between Northwestern (the “Cats”) and ETHS (the “Kits”) is CIERA’s NSF/NU “Reach for the Stars” program. This program connects graduate students to high-school teachers at ETHS and throughout Chicago; it is led by CIERA Director Vicky Kalogera, and managed by Program Director Michelle Paulsen with help from OSEP Director Kemi Jona and Assistant Professor Darren Gergle
“Kits and Cats” Program