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CIERA to Welcome Four New Postdocs in Fall 2015

We are happy to announce that four new postdocs will join CIERA in the Fall of 2015. Ben Nelson will be the first Data Science Scholar at Northwestern, as part of a new University-wide Data Science initiative, overseen by the Northwestern Institute of Complex Systems (NICO); his background is in exoplanets research, and he will be based in CIERA. Chris Pankow, now a Research Associate at the University of Wisconson–Milwaukee, will join CIERA as a Postdoctoral Associate; Chris will join Professor Kalogera’s group, contributing his expertise in a wide range of methods for gravitational-wave signal searches from both burst and binary coalescence events. Alex Richings, now finishing up his graduate studies at Leiden Observatory, will join CIERA as the Lindheimer Fellow; Alex will work with Claude-André Faucher-Giguère’s group on simulations of galaxy formation and evolution. Finally, Laura Sampson, who is currently a Postdoc at Montana State University, will join Professor Kalogera’s LIGO group as a Postdoctoral Fellow; Laura is an expert in Bayesian statistics, parameter estimation and model selection for gravitational-wave sources in connection to both interferometric detectors and pulsar-timing arrays.