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CIERA Co-Sponsors Computational Research Day Poster Session

Nothwestern University’s Research Computing Services celebrated the role of computation in research at Northwestern with their Second Annual Computational Research Day on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015; as part of the vast number of talks and other events at Computational Research Day, CIERA and the Center for Life Processes Institute hosted an interdisciplinary poster session. Nineteen posters from undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs were presented as part of the session; poster titles ranged from “How does community income affect the transition to adulthood?” and “Longitudinal Analysis of School Shootings in the United States” to “Fast Computation of Fully Resolved Neuromechanically Controlled Locomotion”. CIERA Graduate Student Sam Hadden presented a poster entitled “Properties of Kepler Planets from Transit Timing Variations”, while CIERA graduate student Zach Hafen showed his work on galaxy evolution in a poster entitled “In and Out: Using Simulated Galaxies to Discern the Nature of Gas Flows”. The posters were reviewed by eight judges; thanks also to all of the participants for all of their work, and thanks to our judges for their time!

Northwestern University IT also published a news story about this event.