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CIERA is pleased to announce the following awards:

Summer Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Funded by Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences:

Jessie Duncan, Anya Kogan, and Ben Sandeen (Advisor: Vicky Kalogera)
Daniel Kinch and Remy Millman (Advisor: Jason Steffen)

Funded by the Office of Undergraduate Research:

C.J. Hansen (Advisor: Giles Novak)
Chase Kimball (Advisor: Vicky Kalogera)
David Rice (Advisor: Jason Steffen)

NASA Illinois Space Grant Consortium Recipients

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Project Winners:

Daniela Deleon (Advisor: Mel Ulmer)
C.J. Hansen, Amanda Newmark, Paul Williams* (Advisor: Giles Novak)
*Paul Williams will join Northwestern’s Physics and Astronomy department as a graduate student, Fall 2015
Seth Krantzler (Advisor: Fred Rasio)
Leah Perri (Advisor: Vicky Kalogera)
David Rice (Advisor: Jason Steffen)

Academic Year Grant Winners:

Graduate fellowships, Peter Ashton and Carl Rodriguez
Undergraduate scholarships, Mohammad Khan and Leah Perri
Congratulations all!