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CIERA Presentations at RSG Seven Minutes of Science: An Interdisciplinary Symposium

Northwestern’s RSG Program is a 10-week long course for graduate students and postdocs in various science disciplines. Through the program, these scientists learn how to effectively communicate the importance of their work with non-expert audiences outside of their fields. During the academic year, all program participants attend open lunchtime lectures on science communication. During the summer, selected students meet weekly for more focused workshops on communication skills as part of a larger curriculum.

On September 11th, three graduate students and one postdoc from CIERA presented their work in RSG’s “Seven Minutes of Science” symposium, hosted by program director, Michelle Paulsen. Pictured left to right: Zach Haven (Exploring the universe using virtual galaxies), Fabio Antonini (What is at the center of the Milky Way?), Fani Dosopoulou (When stars meet…), and Niharika Sravan (Big data astronomy: revealing the biography of supernovae). View the videos from Seven Minutes of Science!