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CIERA’s Carl Rodriguez Gives TEDx Talk

Carl Rodriguez, a Ph.D. candidate in Physics and Astronomy, was chosen to present his talk, “Listening to Einstein’s Final Symphony,” as part of this year’s TEDxNorthwesternU event, whose theme was “Beyond Boundaries.” Carl’s TEDx talk described how binary black holes are forged in the cores of star clusters, and how we can “hear” them collide with a new type of telescope designed to listen to tiny vibrations in the fabric of spacetime itself.

Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Carl earned his B.A. in Physics from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, before starting his Ph.D. at Northwestern. He is a recipient of a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation, and will be joining MIT next year as a Pappalardo Fellow in Physics. When not working on black holes, Carl can be found either climbing or backpacking through the wilderness.

View Carl’s TEDx Talk on Youtube.

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