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CIERA’s 2017 Summer Student Researchers

For the summer of 2017, 34 summer students (pictured left) will work closely with researchers at CIERA.

13 of these students received funding through CIERA’s Research Experience for Undergraduate’s (REU) program, 12 were funded through an educational grant awarded by NASA to Northwestern University through the Illinois Space Grant Consortium, and the remainder will work individually with CIERA faculty and postdocs.



NASA Undergraduate Research Fellows

3rd Row – Kyle Engelmann, Eric Van Camp, Doug Pinckney
2nd Row – Josemanuel Hernandez, Katie Barnhart, Newlin Weatherford
1st Row – Ally O’Donnell, Nathan Hung, Ben Harpt
Not Pictured: Dany Atallah, Mark Berger, Grant Messner







REU Summer Students

3rd Row – Tanner Leighton, Candice Stauffer, Kris Mortenson, Ethan Marx, Keith Hermanek
2nd Row – Monica Rizzo, Ava Polzin, Nakul Gangolli, José Flores Velazquez
1st Row – Jennifer Ruda, Jayneal Jimenez, Natalia Obrzut, Nick Easton