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Announcing CIERA Director of Operations Kari Frank & Associate Director Shane Larson

We are pleased to announce our new Director of Operations, Dr. Kari Frank. Kari holds a PhD in Physics from Purdue, and is formerly a Research Associate at Penn State. Kari’s focus is X-ray observations of galaxy clusters and supernova remnants. In addition to her research, Kari has devoted time at both Purdue and Penn State to help improve the careers of graduate students and postdocs.

Welcome, Kari!

With Kari’s arrival, we wish farewell to John Everett, who served extremely capably for the past 5 years as Assistant Director and then Director of Operations for CIERA. John has taken an exciting professional opportunity in the Denver Public Schools and has moved west to pursue this, as well as to be closer to his family. We thank John and wish him all the best!

As of September 1st, Prof. Shane Larson will take on the new role of Associate Director of CIERA as half-time of his full-time position at Northwestern (transitioning from a joint position between Northwestern and the Adler Planetarium). As Associate Director (part-time), Shane will take on CIERA’s growing responsibilities in the areas of public outreach, science communication, and development efforts, engaging with Northwestern Alumni and CIERA Friends.