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Greg Laughlin and Dan Tamayo Present CIERA Interdisciplinary Colloquia

In an effort to increase our cross-discipline collaborations with researchers from many institutions in fields beyond astronomy, CIERA has begun holding talks in our CIERA Interdisciplinary Colloquia series more frequently.

On November 2, Yale University’s Greg Laughlin presented Poincaré’s Legacy: Predictions on Time Scales Ranging from Milliseconds to Billions of Years to an audience of about 75. He discussed two long-standing, and at first glance entirely unrelated, problems of prediction: (1) the long-term dynamical stability of the Solar System, and (2) price movements and volatility in financial markets.

On December 1, we co-hosted Dan Tamayo with the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Dan is from the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics and presented A Million-fold Speedup in the Dynamical Characterization of Multi-planet Systems to an interdisciplinary audience of approximately 40 people.