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CIERA Hosts Workshop on Radio Astronomy

In her capacity as an ALMA Ambassador, postdoc Deanne Coppejans hosted a regional workshop for 20 astronomers on March 29. The workshop provided an overview of radio astronomy fundamentals and how to apply for observing time on ALMA, the most sensitive telescope in the world at mm and sub-mm wavelengths. Built in partnership by over 25 countries and located in Chile, ALMA stands for the “Atacama Large Millimeter Array”.

The workshop was designed for astronomers with little to no experience with radio astronomy or with ALMA. In particular, an aim of the workshop was to teach theorists who have little to no experience in observational astronomy essential knowledge for interpreting radio data and how to design radio experiments and/or apply for observing time.

The workshop was sponsored by the North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC) through the ALMA Ambassadors program.