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Nature Astronomy Perspective: Professor Faucher-Giguère on Progress & Challenges in Galaxy Formation Simulation Field

The Galaxy Formation Group at Northwestern has played an important role in several of the significant developments in the field these past five years. In a new article in Nature Astronomy, Prof. Faucher-Giguère discusses tradeoffs between simulations that model very large cosmic volumes and ones that have very high resolution. He summarizes recent progress in the field, with an emphasis on major recent developments in both large-volume and high-resolution simulations. He also highlights some key areas (both in physics modeling and in high-performance computing) likely to drive further advances over the next decade.

Prof. Faucher-Giguère explains, “Galaxy formation simulations are essential for a wide range of scientific applications in astrophysics and cosmology, from studying the emergence of galaxy populations from the Big Bang, to problems including the formation of stars and black holes, to constraining the nature of dark matter and dark energy.”

Continue to the paper in Nature Astronomy, ‘Recent progress in simulating galaxy formation from the largest to the smallest scales‘.
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