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Announcing CIERA’s 2018 Summer Undergraduate Researchers

For the summer of 2018, 38 summer students will work closely with researchers at CIERA.

22 of these students received funding through CIERA’s Research Experience for Undergraduate’s (REU) program (supported in part by the NSF, LSSTC, and faculty grants), and through an educational grant awarded by NASA to Northwestern University through the Illinois Space Grant Consortium.

The remainder will work individually with CIERA faculty and postdocs.


ISG Undergraduate Research Fellows

1st Row – Isaac Rivera, Maria Mutz, Mahlet Shiferaw
2nd Row – William Reinhardt, Eric Van Camp, Marisa Bisram
Not Pictured: Kyle Engelmann, Zach Shonfeld, Theo Ward

NSF REU Undergraduate Research Fellows

1st Row – Megan Tillman, Lexi Detweiler, Samantha Berry, Sinead Humphrey
2nd Row – Mitchell Lachat, Sophie Haight, Carlo Esquivia, Enrique León

LSSTC REU Undergraduate Research Fellows

1st Row – Kristopher Mortensen, Jack Foster, Ethan Marx, Andrew Bowen, Nick Easton