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The Importance of Out-of-School STEM Learning: a CIERA Interdisciplinary Colloquium by Dennis Schatz


On May 29, Dennis Schatz presented, “Making Science Learning Lifelong, Lifewide and Lifedeep: What We Know About the Importance of Out-of-School (Informal) STEM Learning” to an audience of about 50 educators, administrators, and students from Northwestern and beyond.

Dr. Schatz is a Senior Advisor at the Pacific Science Center. He is President-elect of the National Science Teachers Association Board of Directors, and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Learning Innovation. His presentation examined the research regarding when and where Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning occurs, when it is most important for developing future interest in STEM, and the role of out-of-school STEM learning.

Michelle Paulsen (Director of Education, Outreach, and Communications Programs at CIERA) served as host.