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Observational Astronomers Gather for ‘Hot-wiring the Transient Universe VI’

An international group of over 90 experts and early-career researchers gathered August 19 – 22 for Hot-wiring the Transient Universe VI. Hosted by scientific organizing committee chair Professor Raffaella Margutti, the meeting aimed to explore opportunities and challenges of massively parallel time domain surveys coupled with rapid coordinated multi-wavelength follow-up observations.

Through over 50 talk presentations, 3 panel discussions, a dozen posters, and two “hack sessions”, the group spent nearly a week digging into the latest science in observational astronomy.

The meeting also included a fascinating public lecture, called Streaming the Universe, presented by Andrew J. Connolly, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Washington and Director of the DIRAC (Data Intensive Research in Astrophysics and Cosmology) Institute.

The participants had a chance to enjoy the Evanston/Chicago area in the summertime, with a banquet dinner and an architecture boat tour.

Visit the ‘Hot-wiring’ website.