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CIERA REU Students Present at 235th Meeting of the AAS

Students from CIERA’s summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program and the LSSTC Enabling Science program presented their research projects at the 235th American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting. The conference was jointly held January 4-8 with the AAS Historical Astronomy and High Energy Astrophysics Divisions in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Directed by assistant research professor Aaron Geller, the REU and LSSTC programs focus on connections between astrophysics and other disciplines within CIERA. Students learn computer programming, develop skills in science communication, take field trips, and benefit from career panels in addition to collaborating with faculty on research projects.

The winter meeting of the AAS is the largest gathering of American astronomers each year and includes many opportunities for networking. The students presented the following posters:

Devin Becker

Advisors: Mario Spera, Fred Rasio

Project: The Lives of Stars In Globular Clusters: From Birth to Black Hole

Andrew Bowen

Advisor: Aaron Geller

Project: Eclipsing Binaries in Star Clusters from LSST

Melissa Cashion

Advisor: Mario Spera, Fred Rasio

Project: The History of Planetary Systems in Dense Star Clusters

Mercedes Collins

Advisor: Seth Jacobson

Project: The YORP Effect Can Efficiently Destroy 10 km Planetesimals In The Edge Of The Solar System

Emma Kaufman

Advisor: Sasha Tchekhovskoy

Project: Investigating Power Spectral Densities of Black Hole Properties

Camille Liotin

Advisor: Christopher Berry, Vicky Kalogera

Project: Simulation Analysis of High-Mass X-Ray Binaries and their Evolution into Binary Black Hole Mergers

Nikolaus (Nik) Prusinski

Advisors: Nancy Aggarwal, Christopher Berry

Project: Detecting Orphan Memory from Gravitational Waves

Andrew Santos

Advisor: André de Gouvêa

Project: Exploring a New Model for Neutrino Propagation Using Current and Future Experiments

Sophia Taylor

Advisors: Luke Zoltan Kelley, Claude-André Faucher-Giguère

Project: A Numerical Formula Built to Measure Dynamical Friction in Realistic Galactic Environment

David Velasco

Advisor: Eric Dahl

Project: Characterization of Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) for SBC Experiment