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Students from Chicago’s Off the Street Club Visit Dearborn Observatory

CIERA staff, Board of Visitors, and graduate students organized a visit to Dearborn Observatory on the Northwestern University campus for children in the Off the Street Club to gaze at the stars and learn about astronomy.

Graduate students Michael Katz and Aprajita Hajela from CIERA’s Reach for the Stars program taught the 16 students about astronomy along with a bit of data science. CIERA’s Board of Visitors member Payson Wild connected CIERA staff Michelle Paulsen with the club’s executive director, Arnett Morris, to plan the visit.

Founded in 1900, Off the Street Club is Chicago’s oldest independent boys and girls club. They currently serve more than three thousand children in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, West Garfield Park, by providing a place for play, sanctuary and mentorship.

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