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Seven New Postdoctoral Researchers Join CIERA

Welcome New Postdoctoral Researchers!

We are excited to introduce CIERA’s incoming Postdoctoral Research Fellows and Associates. They will bring a wide-range of expertise that promises to advance CIERA’s cutting-edge research programs.

Evan Anders (U. Colorado) joins as a CIERA Fellow to study the effect of rotation on stellar convection using computational fluid dynamics.




Joe Bright (Oxford) joins as a postdoctoral associate working with Prof. Margutti on radio observations and interpretation of astronomical transients.




Maya Fishbach (U. Chicago) joins as an Einstein Fellow to work on gravitational-wave astrophysics and cosmology. Maya uses black hole and neutron star mergers to learn about stellar astrophysics, host galaxy properties, and the expansion history of the universe.



Ore Gottlieb (Tel Aviv U.) joins as a Rothschild Fellow to study the role of relativistic components in compact binary mergers and how to infer the physical properties of these cutting-edge systems via the observed electromagnetic emission.




Charlie Kilpatrick (UC Santa Cruz) joins as a postdoctoral associate working with Prof. Fong on gravitational wave events, gamma-ray bursts, and other related time-domain phenomena.




Sukrit Ranjan (MIT) joins as a CIERA Fellow to investigate life on other worlds, and the origin of life on Earth. He studies the evolution of rocky planets. Sukrit has been a visiting scholar at CIERA for several years.




Michelle Vick (Cornell) joins as a CIERA Fellow to study tidal dissipation in migrating giant planets and how tides influence the configuration of stellar binaries at the onset of common-envelope episodes.