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CIERA’s Sasha Tchekhovskoy to Utilize the Fastest Academic Supercomputer in the World

The Texas Advanced Computing Center announced that the National Science Foundation has approved allocations of supercomputing time on Frontera to 49 science projects for 2020-2021. Time on Frontera is awarded based on a project’s need for very large scale computing to make science and engineering discoveries, and the ability to efficiently use a supercomputer on the scale of Frontera.

The projects selected range from efforts to model the global climate to simulating tornadoes over the lifetime of a storm to designing vehicles for hypersonic flight. The projects are led by researchers at 34 universities across 16 states. Professor Tchekhovskoy’s project is titled: “Multi-scale Modeling of Accretion and Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei”.

Congratulations, Sasha and Team!

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