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2020 Midwest Relativity Meeting Blue Apple Awarded to Lindsay DeMarchi

Lindsay DeMarchi

Graduate Student Lindsay DeMarchi

Graduate student Lindsay DeMarchi won the Blue Apple award at the 2020 Midwest Relativity Meeting for her talk “Multi Messenger Observations of TZOs”. A Thorne–Żytkow object (TŻO or TZO), also known as a hybrid star, is a conjectured type of star wherein a red giant or red supergiant contains a neutron star at its core, formed from the collision of the giant with the neutron star.

The 30th annual Midwest Relativity Meeting was hosted by the Center for Astrophysics, and the Department of Physics of the University of Notre Dame from October 22-24, 2020. The meeting brings together researchers from across the Midwest and beyond to discuss General Relativity and a broad range of topics in gravitational physics, including classical and quantum gravity, numerical relativity, relativistic astrophysics, cosmology, gravitational waves, experimental gravity, and other related topics.

Congratulations, Lindsay!

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