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Prof. Fong Receives NSF Honor for Young Faculty

Prof. Wen-fai Fong
Image credit: Eileen Molony

Professor Wen-fai Fong has received the prestigious Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the foundation’s most prestigious honor for junior faculty members.

Fong is an assistant professor of physics and astronomy in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and member of the Center for Interdisciplinary Education and Research in Astrophysics (CIERA). She will receive $777,186 over five years from NSF’s Division of Astronomical Sciences to characterize the properties of galaxies that host short duration gamma-ray bursts (SGRBs) and fast radio bursts (FRBs).

“SGRBs and FRBs are two of the universe’s fastest timescale transients,” Fong said. “My project aims to study them in unprecedented detail. I am so excited to receive this CAREER Award, especially because it allows us to expand upon our previous work, while enabling us to branch out into new directions.”

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