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Luke Kelley Awarded Cottrell Fellowship

Lindheimer Postdoctoral Fellow Luke Zoltan Kelly

The Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement, with support from the National Science Foundation, recently announced that CIERA’s Lindheimer Postdoctoral Fellow Luke Zoltan Kelley has been awarded a Cottrell Fellowship. Luke is one of 14 postdocs who have been honored with the fellowship, which was created in 2020. The Cottrell Fellowship was created  to provide funding for early-career scientists who may have been impacted by hiring freezes put into place at colleges and universities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Luke is part of a second round of fellowships being offered, after the importance of the opportunities provided by the first round of fellowships last year was recognized by the wider Cottrell Scholar community. CIERA’s own Research Assistant Professor Diego Muñoz was one of the individuals awarded a Cottrell Fellowship in 2020.

The fellowship will allow Luke to continue his work alongside Professor Claude-André Faucher-Giguère’s group. “I am extremely grateful to the Research Corporation for Science Advancement, and honored by the opportunity to continue working with the incredible scientists at CIERA and Northwestern, ” Luke said. “I’m excited to continue my work on understanding the sources of low-frequency gravitational waves: binaries of supermassive black holes, which we expect to be detected within the next few years.”

To learn more about Luke’s work at CIERA, visit his page here.

For a closer look into his research and other projects, make sure to check out his personal website.