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The Recipient of the 2022 Robert J. Trumpler Award is Dr. Ariadna Murguia Berthier

Ariadna Murguia Berthier, NASA Hubble Fellow at CIERA, was selected as the recipient of the 2022 Robert J. Trumpler Award, an award which is presented annually to a recent recipient of a PhD degree whose research is considered unusually important to astronomy.

Her dissertation, “Binary Neutron Star Mergers,“ was integral in interpreting and analyzing one of the most important recent astrophysical events – the first detection of both gravitation waves and electromagnetic radiation coming from the same astronomical object. Furthermore, by the time she had completed her doctorate, her 18 peer-reviewed articles had already been cited over 4,500 times.

Ariadna Murguia-Berthier’s achievements will be celebrated at the in-person ASP Awards Gala on November 19, 2022 in Burlingame, California.

Congratulations Ariadna!