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Data Science Challenges in Gravitational Wave Surveys: a CIERA Interdisciplinary Colloquium by Tyson Littenburg


On April 13, 2023, 43 individuals gathered to hear Dr. Tyson Littenburg present CIERA’s Interdisciplinary Colloquium. His talk, “Data Science Challenges in Gravitational Wave Surveys”, explored the new data science approaches for gravitational wave signal extraction necessary to fully realize the scientific capabilities of the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA). As an ESA-led mission to survey the mHz regime of the gravitational wave spectrum richly populated with a variety of galactic, extragalactic, and cosmological sources, LISA will act as a multimessenger power house, with copious sources expected to produce counterparts covering the electromagnetic spectrum. Dr. Littenburg’s lecture summarized the LISA mission and its science objectives and provided an in-depth look at the nuances, computational challenges, and current state of the art for processing and interpreting LISA data.

A CIERA Postdoctoral alumnus (2012-2015), Dr. Littenburg was introduced by CIERA Director Dr. Vicky Kalogera. Following his time at CIERA, Dr. Littenberg became a Research Astrophysicist at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, where he continues today.

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