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Four CIERA Members awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

The 2023 awardees of the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowships include four CIERA members: Elena Gonzalez Prieto, Teresita Ramirez Aguilar, Darsan Swaroop Bellie, and Ben Hyatt! The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, which recognizes and supports outstanding students, is the oldest graduate fellowship of its kind.

Elena Gonzalez Prieto

“Esta beca es algo para lo que he estado trabajando desde que inmigré a los Estados Unidos, y es el producto de muchos fracasos y aprendizajes. Todo es gracias a mi familia, amigos y mentores.”
This fellowship is something I’ve been working towards since I immigrated to the United States, and it is the product of many failures and lessons. Everything is thanks to my family, friends and mentors.)
Elena studies the dynamical evolution of dense stellar environments and the formation of compact objects in Dr. Fred Rasio‘s group

Teresita Ramirez Aguilar

“Receiving this fellowship means so much to me because it will allow me to continue to pursue my dreams of contributing to the scientific community.”

Teresita studies black hole-neutron star mergers, accretion outflows, numerical relativity, compact binaries, black holes, and gravitational wave physics in Dr. Sasha Tchekhovskoy‘s group

Darsan Swaroop Bellie

“I am deeply grateful to have been selected for the NSF GRFP and to those that have contributed towards my journey thus far. I look forward to harnessing the flexibility and support provided by this fellowship to advance science through interdisciplinary research, to communicate science through artistic means, and to help build a more inclusive scientific community.”

Darsan studies gravitational waves and compact objects in Dr. Vicky Kalogera‘s group

Ben Hyatt

“Accepting the NSF fellowship has been a welcome opportunity to reflect on my motivations and to acknowledge the people who have helped me get this far. I am excited to receive this support at this pivotal stage in my career as it will enable me to fully engage with both the applied mathematics and astrophysical aspects of my research.”

Ben studies the simulation of fluid dynamics in astrophysical systems in Dr. Daniel Lecoanet’s group (Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics)


Congratulations Elena, Teresita, Darsan, and Ben!
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