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2023 Zooniverse Team Meeting held at CIERA

During the week of August 14, 2023 the Zooniverse team held their annual meeting at CIERA. Zooniverse is the world’s largest platform for online people-powered research, with over 2.5 million participants engaging in over 80 active projects. Research projects span from marking the structure of cells for cancer research to tagging animals in camera trap images to transcribing historical handwritten documents.

Gravity Spy, which invites members of the public to help scientists classify glitches in gravitational wave signals, is one such Zooniverse project, led by CIERA in collaboration with institutions from around the world.

“A Stellar Annual Zooniverse Team Meeting Thanks to CIERA!” said Laura Trouille, Zooniverse principal investigator, VP of Science Engagement at the Adler Planetarium (home to Zooniverse’s US headquarters) and CIERA Postdoctoral alum. “The Zooniverse team had an invigorating and spirited annual meeting within CIERA’s space this August 2023. We wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks to CIERA for being gracious hosts with an amazing CIERA staff who made everything run smoothly and easily.”

From incorporating machine learning into data classification analyses, to engaging university students using citizen science in introductory classes, CIERA works in close collaboration with the Zooniverse to engage the public through authentic participation in science.¬† With their wide-ranging and ever-expanding suite of projects, covering many disciplines and topics across the sciences and humanities, there’s a place for anyone and everyone to explore, learn and have fun in the Zooniverse.

To get involved, visit the Projects page, choose one you like the look of, and get started.