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Jonathan Stern

Jonathan Stern

Stern, Jonathan

Department of Physics and Astronomy at Tel Aviv University


Dr. Jonathan Stern studied accreting massive black holes at the centers of galaxies (‘quasars’), the effect of quasars on their host galaxy (‘feedback’), and the extremely diffuse medium which surrounds galaxies such as the Milky-Way (the ‘circumgalactic-medium’ or ‘CGM’). In his work he tried to combine physical insights provided from analytic theory, idealized radiative-hydrodynamic simulations, full-blown cosmological simulations, and direct inference from observations. Much of his work focused on the interaction of strong quasar radiation with surrounding interstellar gas, and on understanding the interplay of cooling flows and galaxy feedback in the CGM.  He mainly collaborated with the galaxy formation group at Northwestern.

Dr. Stern was a CIERA postdoc from 2017-2020.

Following his time at CIERA, he joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Tel-Aviv University.