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Tjitske Starkenburg

Tjitske Starkenburg

Starkenburg, Tjitske

Research Assistant Professor

  1800 Sherman, 7423


Dr. Tjitske Starkenburg is a Research Assistant Professor at CIERA and the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Tjitske aims to answer key questions on the evolution of galaxies through combining galactic dynamics and extragalactic astronomy. Her goal is to unravel how observed galaxy properties reveal the physics governing a galaxy’s formation history.

Tjitske’s research covers analyzing the full galaxy population, including anomalous galaxies, in large-scale and zoom cosmological models and observational samples, and the development of theoretical models and techniques to build synthetic observations. She is interested in statistical and machine learning approaches to connect observational data to theoretical constraints, and in studying how these tools can lead to gains in physical understanding.

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Dr. Starkenburg was a CIERA postdoc from 2019-2023, joining the CIERA faculty in 2023.