CIERA’s 15th Annual Public Lecture – “The Day We Found the Universe: A Centenary Celebration” with Marcia Bartusiak

On October 5th, nearly 200 people gathered at Cahn Auditorium to hear Marcia Bartusiak present her talk The Day We Found the Universe: A Centenary Celebration for CIERA’s 15th Annual Public Lecture.  Bartusiak introduced the audience to the astronomers who laid the foundations for Edwin Hubble to prove that the cosmos is vast and home to countless galaxies.  Bartusiak told the very human stories of their rivalries, triumphs and disappointments.  The event was made even more special by its timing:  October 5th marked exactly 100 years to the day after Hubble took the famous image, known as the VAR! Plate, solidifying our modern understanding of our place in the expanding universe.

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