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NASA Illinois Space Grant Research Program – Summer 2020

Deadline: 12:00am, February 29, 2020

In anticipation of continued funding of an educational grant awarded by NASA to Northwestern University through the Illinois Space Grant Consortium, we are now accepting applications for our College Summer Research Program for outstanding undergraduates.

The program provides an opportunity for college students to work with a professor in one of several areas of space sciences and astrophysics. Applicants must currently be enrolled in college and must be United States Citizens.

Application Instructions

Applicants should submit contact information including telephone, e-mail and a postal address, a transcript, a 1-2 page letter describing their interests and science-related experience outside the formal college program, and have one letter of recommendation emailed to: 
Email submission only

We strongly encourage those who are eligible to apply for a Northwestern-funded summer research grantDeadline: March 13, 2020 – as this will allow us to spread our funds to more students.
Students from other institutions are encouraged apply for supplemental funding from Northwestern’s Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)Deadline: February 10, 2020.