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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Deadline: 11:59pm, December 31, 2023

CIERA supports a wide range of interdisciplinary projects focused on research, education, and public outreach in Astrophysics. Our faculty and postdocs work on projects that couple astronomy and astrophysics analysis with many other disciplines: computer science, applied math, planetary sciences, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, data science, science education, and more. Many have hired/mentored undergraduate researchers in a wide assortment of professional roles over the years.

If you are an undergraduate interested in doing research in CIERA, either during the academic year or in the summer, please take a look through our Core Faculty and Postdoc directories. Many have opportunities throughout the year to take on undergraduates in their research groups. You can also browse people by research topic.

If you are interested in working with a particular faculty or postdoc, please contact them directly. It is generally helpful to provide a resume and a brief description of relevant coursework you have completed (particularly that in science, math, or computer science).

Further helpful resources:

Image Credit: Carl Knox, OzGrav/Swinburne