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Undergraduate Researcher in Theoretical Planetary Science – Applications Closed

Deadline: 11:59pm, January 26, 2022

OPEN UNTIL FILLED   CIERA has an undergraduate student research opportunity in Theoretical Planetary Science: Photochemical Modelling of Sulfur Cycle on Early Earth.  In this theoretical planetary science project, the undergraduate researcher will use a computer code to simulate the atmosphere of early Earth, with emphasis on the early sulfur cycle. These calculations will feed into a larger project focused on calculating the concentrations of key sulfur species in lakes and ponds on early Earth, with application to studies of the origin of life. Successful completion of this project is anticipated to lead to co-author credit on this publication.

The undergraduate researcher will use a state-of-the art proprietary photochemical model (computer code) to calculate concentrations of SO2 and H2S in the atmosphere of early Earth, and the rate of their delivery to the surface. While this project is focused on early Earth, this same code can be used to model other solar system planets like Mars, as well as to simulate planets orbiting other stars (exoplanets).

Prerequisites: Undergraduate chemistry, single-variable calculus. Experience with or willingness to learn C, Python, Git. Northwestern students who do not have access to a computer may be able to borrow a loaner machine from CIERA.

Start and end dates are flexible, and remote work is possible.

Funding in the form of hourly wages is available for this opportunity.

If interested, please contact Sukrit Ranjan,