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This program will be available beginning in April, 2020.
Stay tuned for future enrollment information!

SCOPE (Science Communication Online Programme) is an ideal beginner’s guide to effective science communication for STEM graduate students. This NSF funded resource is a free online training course created for those who don’t have access to live, in-person science communication training. SCOPE was created with the assistance of expert science communicators and educators, who each designed a module within the course that focuses on various aspects of science communication.

Students participating in this course:
  • Practice creating data visualization based on graphic design principles
  • Discuss the importance of forming a clear rhetorical argument and persuasive story in writing or speech
  • Learn to identify their audience and adapt their research story to suit that group
  • Discover how science journalism, university press office, and researchers fit different roles in science communication
  • Develop their speaking and presentation skills
  • And much more!
Upon completion of all program activities, students receive a LinkedIn badge to recognize their training and hard work.


We’d like to recognize and thank the science communication professionals who created and provided feedback on the course, and the first round of students who have completed an initial beta-version and evaluation of the course:

Science Communication Professionals:

Berly Coy

Paula Croxson

Jennifer Cutraro

Mónica Feliú-Mójer

Kevin Grazier

Carolyn J. Hall

Thomas Hayden

Grace Hsu

Geoff Hunt

Janet Iwasa

JoAnna Klein

Nicole Lee

Shraddha Nayak

Joe Palca

Daniel Serrano

Jesse Shanahan

Matt Shipman

Barbara Shwom

Byron Stewart

Congratulations to the student beta-testers who completed SCOPE:

Nick Young

Jimmy Kim

Lydia Horne

Christina Marvin