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Shane Larson Presents Virtual Public Lecture on the Milky Way

Shane Larson, Research Associate Professor, Associate Director of CIERA

On October 28, CIERA’s Shane Larson presented a public lecture titled A Storm of Stars: A Living History of the Milky Way in a virtual Zoom webinar format to an audience of nearly 450 viewers.

Larson discussed how we came to understand the Milky Way, our home galaxy, and how our ideas about the nature and structure of the Cosmos have grown out of our attempts to understand the Milky Way.  In his examination of the discovery of the Milky Way, he discussed how we came to understand the structure, evolution and environs of the galaxy.

Larson ended the evening describing some of the secrets the galaxy still hides from us, secrets that provide astronomers puzzles and challenges to work on for many years yet to come.

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