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Educational brochures designed for a general audience

Pathfinder Brochures

Educational brochures designed for a general audience

The Milky Way over St Michael’s Mount (Image Credit: Simon R. Hudson)

Welcome to the Pathfinder Library!

If you’ve joined us for a CIERA event, or have found your way here from your interest in astronomy, this custom library is something we hope will help you learn more about the Universe around us.

We’re excited to provide this growing library of educational brochures, written by CIERA astronomers about interesting topics in astronomy, as well as the scientific work we do here at Northwestern.

What do Pathfinder Brochures do?

  • explain a topic in public-level language
  • show exciting images
  • tie back to research initiatives at CIERA
  • recommend varied resources (books, websites, YouTube videos, etc.) for even further learning opportunities.

If you have an idea for a topic for a Pathfinder, we’d like to hear from you. Please send us an email at

Happy reading!


Learn about planets beyond our solar system
Download & Print

Written by Evan Anders

Galaxy Formation

Explore virtual galaxies through computer models
Download & Print

Written by Alex Gurvich


Ways to think about the observable Universe
Download & Print

Written by Shane Larson

The Milky Way

Get to know our home galaxy
Download & Print

Written by Cliff Johnson & Shi (Claire) Ye


Help the young person in your life prepare for a career in astronomy
Download & Print

Written by Gretchen L. Oehlschlager

Printing Tips

  • Use regular letter-size copy paper (8.5 by 11 inch).
  • Print in either color or black & white.
  • Select Landscape, Actual Size, 2-sided (flip on short edge).
  • Fold into a trifold pamphlet.