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Aaron Geller and Alex Gurvich showcase Firefly on AAS Journal Author Series


On May 27, 2023, CIERA Research Assistant Professor Aaron Geller and former NSF Graduate Fellow Alex Gurvich were featured on the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Journal Author Series to showcase Firefly, their new browser-based interactive tool for visualizing 3D particle data sets.

Professor Aaron Geller

Dr. Alex Gurvich

“The video gives a quick overview of our recent Firefly paper in the ApJS, and then jumps into a helpful hands-on introduction with first-time user Frank Timmes at the helm,” says Gurvich.  “We covered all the major features, how to use them, and also briefly discussed some possible future directions for Firefly.  If you have requests for new features, notice any bugs, or just want to reach out to learn more please join the discussion on the ‘Issues’ page on the Firefly GitHub repo.”

Hosted by Dr. Frank Timmes, the AAS Journal Author Series presents interviews with authors of impactful articles published in the AAS Journal family.  Although the approach is casual and conversational, the content is research-grade.

The goal of this series is to provide the human story behind the articles for the benefit of other active researchers.

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