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Chris Pankow

Pankow, Chris

Visiting Scholar, Data Scientist II at at OpenX


Chris is interested in the astrophysics of very compact stars at the end of their lives: neutron stars and black holes. Their motion in binaries and emission of gravitational radiation allows the study of exotic forms of matter and gravity at scales which are not accessible in a laboratory on Earth. He researches and develops new techniques to both discover the quiet whisper of gravitational-wave signals in noisy data as well as extract their properties. He is also a leader in interpreting the gravitational-wave discoveries in the context of how those binaries form, answering questions about the physics and dynamics of stars which are ten or a hundred times the mass of the Sun and their cosmic environments.

Dr. Chris Pankow was a CIERA Postdoc 2015 – 2019.  He moved to the role of Data Scientist II at OpenX following his fellowship, and maintains an affiliation with CIERA as a Visiting Scholar.

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