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Research Experiences in Astronomy at CIERA for High School Students is a highly interactive, 3-week program (with an optional 3-week extension) that provides high school students experience with astronomy research in an atmosphere of team-style learning, hands-on training, and mentorship from professional scientists.

Students enrolled in the program engage in astronomy research projects with CIERA astronomers. The program begins with an intensive introduction to necessary research skills, focusing on learning the Python programming language and gaining a background in astronomy. Students then undertake several week-long research projects built upon research actively being done at CIERA. A limited number of spots are also available for students wishing to pursue an additional 3-week independent research project under the supervision of a CIERA mentor.

For any questions regarding the program update, please email: ciera-

Here’s what some past students have said


“This research experience was very unique, considering that it offered a way for people in my age group to do real work in the real world. Most places do not allow that, and that that this place does is a very special thing. Keep doing that.”


“My favorite part was definitely lunch :). No, I’m kidding the best part was the coding lessons- those were really engaging and a lot of fun.” 


“Before this program I was really considering astrophysics as a career, but this program helped me explore the life of astrophysics – centered careers a lot more, and I got to know the different options after getting a physics degree, such as being a professor, theorist, observational astronomer, researcher, etc. Even though I don’t have set plans yet for my future, I loved getting all the new info to better inform my decision!”


“I thought all of the lectures were incredibly interesting and I learned a TON, and felt like I was in an comfortable environment to ask questions when I was confused or about the material in general.”