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Jian Cao

Cao, Jian

Cardiss Collins Professor, Director of NIMSI

Professor Cao’s major research interests include innovative manufacturing processes and systems, particularly in the area of deformation-based processes and laser processes. Her work has made fundamental contributions to the understanding of wrinkling in sheet forming and the effects of material microstructure and material architecture on forming behavior of metals and woven composites. Her research has integrated analytical and numerical simulation methods, control and sensors, design methodologies to advance manufacturing processes. Her research group has designed unique manufacturing equipment for microforming, flexible rapid forming, and additive manufacturing. Current research on flexible dieless forming, micro-forming, laser processes for ablation and additive, and composites forming has direct impacts on energy-efficient manufacturing, surface engineering and rapid prototyping. She has published over 300 technical articles, including more than 160 journal articles, 10 book chapters, and 13 patents. She has given over 125 invited talks.

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